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Welcome to Experimental Series 106

My cooking disasters, discoveries, and experiments are the stuff of family legend.  From leaving a different ingredient out of the brownies each time; to foisting such exotica as rosewater ice cream and green tea panna cotta on the tastebuds of a middle/working-class family; to telling my little brother that the secret to eating hamburgers that came out burned on the outside but raw on the inside was to “pretend you’re a Klingon”; whenever it’s been my turn in the kitchen, things have been… memorable, one way or another.

My younger sister made this website to encourage me to recount my culinary misadventures, from the souffles that fell flat to the goat cheese and arugula salad that turned out as intended but fell flat in another way: they were too “exotic”, sophisticated, or “hoity toity” for the humdrum tastes of my family, and yet I consider it important to try to make a few “far out” recipes to keep me motivated and to test their taste tolerance: occasionally a few of them “stick” and get added to the routine.

The name of this website is inspired by something in the Ernest movies starring the late Jim Varney which my siblings and I loved: the crazy cooks in Ernest Goes To Camp who foisted their cuckoo creations upon the hapless Ernest and the rest of the summer camp population.  One of their culinary creations which got my siblings’ attention was something called “Eggs Erroneous” , a scrambled egg recipe in which the ingredients were elaborate and varied, including but not limited to “Secret Herbs and Spices Smuggled into this Country By Tibetan Monks” in its most recent incarnation “Experimental Series 106″!

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