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Chocolate waffles would be great if they weren’t so tough

Today I made chocolate waffles according to the recipe in the Joy of Cooking (1971 printing). I love ‘em, but they come out thick, tough, and chewy. The batter came out less liquid-y and more “gummy” than regular waffles.  There were some obvious burned areas on some of them. I might have left ‘em in too long.  I was trying to peel and cut potatoes for tonight’s crock pot special (beef stew, put on to boil by mom this past midnight) at the same time as I had the waffles in the iron. They were not the hoped-for solution to the eternal breakfast dilemma (wherein I recite a list of potential things to eat from the kitchen/pantry and my sister says some things are not breakfast food and/or is frustrated by the limited stock of breakfast-worthy items that we do have).

I later discovered that I had left out a potentially important ingredient: baking powder!

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The Night of Yellow Foods

I made dinner again tonight. Michelle and mom had been discussing having some sort of chicken casserole these past couple of days. Mom wanted something easy and inexpensive to make, and to ensure that it would be something Michelle would be likely to eat, Michelle was to pick a recipe from the internet. The recipe she picked was this:

I set it up in the crockpot this afternoon while mom was at work and a hasty grocery store run had been made for the cream of cheddar soup. (I don’t know if any company besides Campbell’s produces it, but Campbells was the soup we got, and it is in 10 and three-fourths ounce cans, not 11 ounce cans like it says in the recipe.) Cream of Cheddar sounds good in theory, but looks gross in practice.  And while this recipe may be a good way to use chicken cutlets, I personally don’t like the idea of eating anything called a “dump and go”.  I wonder what people from other countries and speakers of other languages think of us (“Average” Americans) when they see stuff like this in print.

I got the idea that I should use the last of the lemons, because it was fast turning brown, and made Lemon Cake Pudding for dessert again. We’ll see how it turns out.

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Three Cheese Breakfast Bake Gets An Extra Cheese

This past Saturday, I made a modified version of the Three Cheese Breakfast Bake from

I say “modified” because I halved the recipe (so I could bake it in a loaf pan), left out the cubed ham, and used only two of the three cheeses called for (sliced Swiss over the French/Italian bread cubes soaked in beaten egg and milk and canned powdered Parmesan mixed with the sour cream as a topping).  Or so I thought.  My mother was making dinner tonight, which turned out to be grilled cheese sandwiches, and she discovered that there was no more sliced mozarella in the fridge.  A line of questioning ensued, in which it was discovered that I had accidentially added the two remaining paper-wrapped pieces of mozzarella to the reamining few pieces of Swiss I had left over before mom had brought home a new packet of Swiss.  Thus there was some stretchiness in the cheese when I cut into this concoction after having taken it out from the oven. Now I know why!

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Lemon Cake-pudding low cholesterol version bombs

Yesterday, I made a family favorite, Lemon Cake Pudding.  There are two copies of the recipe in the family collection of cookbooks and recipe cards: one contained within the 1964 Betty Crocker cookbook (which I usually use), and one written out in Spencerian cursive using dip pen on a yellowing recipe card by my long-dead great-grandmother on my mom’s side, and given the name “Lemon Puff” but the same instructions and ingredients.  A close equivalent of it is available through, but mine is made without the butter flavor being added.

Anyway, what happened was this: when I was separating the eggs, my mind must have switched to automatic pilot and when I put the eggshells in the trash, I accidentially threw out one of the two required egg yolks for the “pudding” part of the cake pudding.  Oh well. I went on and made the dessert the rest of the way, but unfortunately when it was finished, it didn’t taste nearly as good as it was supposed to. In fact, my little sister compared it to Lemon Pledge!  This is the first time I got something seriously wrong (other than the lemon zest getting grated too thick) when making this particular recipe.  It seems the extra egg yolk adds smoothness and body to the flavor and texture, and I am left with leftovers of a dessert that everybody usually gobbles.  The entire family needs to cut down on cholesterol anyway, but unfortunately, just cutting out one egg yolk out of this recipe will not succeed in making a low-cholesterol version of this dessert that everybody will eat!

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