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Crockpot Chicken Stew, Philly-style homemade ice cream

Last night I made crockpot chicken stew for dinner to give mom a break, and tonight I finally got another thing out of what is currently an overstuffed refrigerator: a saucepan containing some Philly ice cream base (basically boiled sugar & heavy cream) which had been waiting until the ice cream maker got sufficiently frozen (takes 2+ days) following the last batch of ice cream, which had been Philly style mint ice cream, with creme de menthe used as both coloring & flavoring agent.  Much as I liked the lovely shade of pale green, it had an annoying butter fat aftertaste and I was wondering what the Philadelphians were thinking.  The rest of my family must have sensed that it wasn’t quite “right” and I ended up eating the (admittedly smallish) batch on my own.  Mom decided to make Blueberry Cheesecake Ice Cream with the rest and “cut” it with an extra cup of ordinary milk.  With the addition of cream cheese, and blueberry syrup with a more-vivid-than-usual flavor because it was actually recently made with fresh blueberries, the blueberry cheesecake ice cream was delicious. Admittedly the blueberry syrup had to be stirred in at the last minute because I prematurely stopped the ice cream machine, not realizing that the syrup and/or blueberries had not been added: my ADHD had somehow caused my mind to skip over the fact that the ice cream in the machine was still all white!

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Home made gelato

I haven’t been actually cooking/baking much these past few weeks: partly because of the hot weather, partly because the family has been subsisting on sandwiches, takeout, and leftovers. However, I have been making and eating a lot of ice cream (the latter because I currently have what I tell people is “the sweetest job in the world”: going to various ice cream shops throughout the 5 boroughs of New York City and reviewing them for ! )
However, I have recently made some more homemade ice cream (or more properly gelato). I followed this recipe for Gianduja Gelato ( ) and made a mess of the kitchen. I hadn’t realized it was so involved when I started it; one of the preliminary steps involves boiling toasted, peeled, and ground (guess who does the toasting, peeling, and grinding) hazelnuts in a mixture of milk and heavy cream, and squeezing them through a strainer to get a liquid with “hazelnut essence” to mix into another batch of boiled milk in which I had melted most of a big bar of milk chocolate in order to get hazelnut chocolate ice cream base into which several egg yolks had to be carefully coddled and blended and the whole thing finished by stirring over an ice bath. Besides the fact that the whole process dirtied a couple dish-drainer loads of add-sized mixing bowls, saucepans, strainers, etc. that I couldn’t just put in the dishwasher, it also (cholesterol-conscious people, are you reading this?) several egg yolks. And condoned waste. Yes, you read that right. The recipe advised throwing away the boiled ground hazelnuts after you had squeezed the essence from them for the ice cream. I didn’t follow that advice and saved ‘em in a plastic storage container in the fridge. I used a couple of spoonfuls for a yogurt-and-granola breakfast one morning, then promptly forgot about ‘em. They would have made a good filling for a coffee cake or pastry if it hadn’t been too hot to bake. Now it’s two or threee weeks on and I’m wondering if they are still good or if I have to throw ‘em out, ultimately wasting ‘em anyway. I inadvertantly wasted the egg whites: I put them in a container in the frige, they got pushed to the back, and the container got tipped over. I found this out the hard way last week when a mysterious oozy puddle engulfed one of the refridgerator shelves and required an emergency mini-cleaning of the fridge. I eventually located and reluctantly threw out the culprit. This is a case of good intentions back firing: I wish these containers came with timers that issued periodic reminders about where they were and what was about to go bad in them. When I move into my own place, I will own nothing plastic and NO refridgerator storage containers.

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