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Raisin bran muffins

I had read about raisin bran muffins with cream cheese as being a suggestion for a light (Lenten) luncheon in an old (early 1960s) Home Ec textbook that I had gotten at my local Salvation Army thrift shop.  Surprisingly, the textbook did not provide a recipe, so, wanting to try ‘em,  I looked up “Raisin bran muffins” on line.

Though there were recipe versions which made smaller quantities, and variants with additional healthful ingredients such as Flaxseed, I chose this version from BreadNet back in June because I had half a quart of buttermilk that had just passed its “use-by” date.  I had a bit of trouble mixing the ingredients up because I simply don’t have mixing bowls quite big enough to hold everything.  I ended up mixing the batter ingredients and adding the flakes last, which made the flakes crispier than intended, I’m sure.  The muffins themselves came out with a light batter matrix, crispy embedded flakes, and a somewhat insipid taste. Though my mother ate one in the spirit of adventure, I ended up eating the vast majority of ‘em for my breakfasts (after about a week they were getting pretty dried out and even more insipid-tasting) because nobody else would touch ‘em.  I made two dozen because the largest plastic container I could lay my hands on at the time could only hold half the batter.  The flakes will be soggier, though no less insipid-tasting (I had used Post, not Kellog’s Raisin Bran) when I make the second batch.  The instructions on the recipe, thankfully, say that the raw batter from this particular recipe will keep for two months in the fridge, which is good, because right now New York is in the middle of a massive heat wave and (to a sigh of relief from my family) I am not cooking again anytime soon.  I have also been dealing with a sick cat and the necessity of getting food & medicine into her.
I’d like to try this recipe for raisin bran muffins sometime; I think the cloves, molasses, etc. might add something.

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