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I’m not alone

I recently came accross the following blog, which is written by another woman experiencing the disasterous combination of household responsibilities and ADD, the content of which might have been my life, had I married and/or had children:
Confessions Of An ADD Housewife

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My Apple Pie Wins A Prize

One of the few homemade dishes I make that my family members do not complain about is the honey apple pie with double-rich crust …usually reserved for holidays and special occasions, though they try to find more excuses for me to make it…though the scratch-made crust, containing nearly 2 sticks of butter, generates complaints about cholesterol and the like. Because what I am talking about here is both apple pie filling _and_ crust from scratch, it takes a couple of hours to _make_, in addition to about an hour to bake. For some strange reason, while I seem to have incredibly bad luck with just about every other possible cuisine, I have been fortunate with something most people complain is very difficult to get right: pastry crust. Anyway, my little sister wanted to go to this barbecue hosted by the Parks dept at the new Greenbelt recreation center, and browbeat me into baking one of the pies mentioned above for their pie baking contest. I had hoped for some actual leisure time (as opposed to work made to look like as leisure) and I really didn’t expect to win a bake-off at a well-attended public event anyway. Much to my surprise, I won first prize: there were only two pies in the bake-off, and the judges and the attendees (who ate it all!) raved about mine. There was no monetary reward, but a trophy, and myself and the second prize winner will be getting our portraits (with the trophies) in the Greenbelt newsletter and on their website.
The recipe I used came from Better Homes & Gardens magazine, a recipe from Salem Cross Inn they printed in 1995.

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