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Everyone wants a piece of the Key Lime pie

This past August, my mother spent a week in Florida visiting a college friend, and (upon my request) brought back a new bottle of key lime juice. (I had hoped for some actual key limes, too, but no such luck.)
She had brought back a bottle a couple years ago, but I had only used it a couple of times and it sat in the fridge, lost in the crowd of condiments. My mother (a woman who has “hoarder” tendencies) at first strenuously objected to my stated intention to throw the old one away, on the grounds that straight lime juice could not “go bad”. Well, seeing as how it was greyish and not fresh smelling, I could not truthfully call it good.
(One thing I have found with years of living with untreated ADHD is that I have developed a very useful “rule of survival”: namely, if I can’t remember when something perishable was first put into the refrigerator, chances are good that it is no good!)
Anyway, the new bottle of key lime juice had two different recipes for key lime pie, the main difference between them being the amount of key lime juice used. So I made a mixture of the common ingredients (condensed milk, egg whites, etc.) and made two separate bowls with the two different amounts of juice. Though she assisted me by making the graham cracker crust, my mother balked when I declared my intention to make two pies (twice the expensive ingredients) even though whenever she makes pie (usually pumpkin pies for family Thanksgiving observances) she usually makes two or more pies. (And yes, she has been known to bring two pies to a large Thanksgiving dinner and have one for us at home) The reason? Pies are meant to be shared! If the people in your orbit know you’re making pie, chances are, they’ll want a piece. In the case of my present living situation, with my sister’s other home attendants part of our lives, having enough pie to share was something I considered a priority.
Nothing went seriously wrong (other than a little spilled filling and sticky floor and counter tops) but I definitely preferred the less-lime-juice version of the recipe to the more lime juice version. Seeing as how we’re well into a (cold) New York autumn, and my Key Lime creations wouldn’t be welcome at Thanksgiving, I’ll have to come up with other ways to use up that new lime juice in the fridge. I’ve been to a restaurant/bar where they serve a Key Lime martini; I’ll have to see if I can figure out how to duplicate it, and find an appropriate time and place to drink it!

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