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Need Technical Help With Lavender Lemon Cupcakes

Recently I tried the recipe from [URL=""]Lemon Cupcakes[/URL] for [URL=""]Lavender Lemon Cupcakes[/URL].
While they came out well (albeit a little tough, I’ll be getting to that in a minute) they were a wee bit exotic for my family’s taste. But for those who are truly used to consuming lavender as a food item, rather than a sachet for linen closets, I guess they’d be great. But that is a subjective matter of taste. (I paid $5 for a bag of “Baking Lavender, e.g., food-grade lavender buds, at a previous visit to the Union Square Greenmarket.)
What isn’t subjective is the oversight in the recipe as given on the website. The recipe lists buttermilk as one of the ingredients, but it doesn’t say _how much_ buttermilk to use. I _made a wild guess_ that the writer(s) of the recipe meant for [I]a cup[/I] of buttermilk to be added.
Since I don’t usually have a use for fresh buttermilk, and it’s a bit hard to get in the outer boroughs of NYC anyway, I order powdered concentrated buttermilk from the King Arthur Co. And (this is relevant to the rest of the story) I have ADD.
In this instance, I added the _powdered_ buttermilk to the dry ingredients, and kept a cup measure of water handy. I added part of it as directed when combining the wet and the dry ingredients, mixed it all together until smooth (recently acquiring an electric stand mixer helped).
Things looked smoothly blended together as intended, I poured the batter into the cupcake liners and put the lined muffin/cupcake tins into the oven. And then I noticed the half-full meauring cup on the counter…
The cupcakes were eminantly edible, but slightly tough and dense in the “cake” part. If the original author(s) of the recipe are reading this, will they please revise the recipe to tell the rest of us [I]exactly[/I] how much buttermilk we are supposed to add, as well as perhaps a reminder to add the rest of the cup of buttermilk during the mixing process, or water if we are using buttermilk powder?
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