Extreme Lemon Cake Pudding, or in this case, transparent super lemony sauce!

August 5th, 2013 Laura

Lemon Cake Pudding (as the 1964 Betty Crocker Cookbook calls it) is a big favorite in my house. An old yellowed recipe card, with the writing in my great-grandmother’s cursive with fountain-pen, gives the exact same recipe with the same instructions and ingredients as “Lemon Puff”.
This recipe is similar to it, though the 1964 one and my great-grandmother’s do not call for butter.
The present-day Betty Crocker website provides instructions for something that’s not quite the same thing and doesn’t require beaten egg whites to raise the thing or fresh-squeezed lemon juice: but calls this excuse for pre-packaged brand-family ingredients Lemon Pudding Cake.
Anyway, I went on a baking binge today: having prepared a full dinner, I also made more than one dessert, and did the prep work (mixed the dough and put the wax-paper wrapped rolls of dough in the fridge) for Lemon Rosemary Slices. One of the desserts I made was a double batch of lemon cake pudding. It is useless to make a single batch in my household, because it is not long before it is all gone, and folks are clamoring for more. It got so that at one point, I ended up doing the math to quadruple the recipe. In order to effectively make 4 times the amount in one go, I ended up using the largest bowl in the house in order to mix up the final combination before putting it in the oven: it was a giant glass bowl (holding several gallons at least) which came with the Oster food processor set which my mother bought in the early 1980s. Even so, the bowl often overflowed its banks. Alas, my days of making enormous quantities (which only qualified as adequate in this house) came to an end a couple of years ago, when in a freak accident, the bowl broke after tumbling from a precarious position in our overcrowded kitchen. So much for tempered glass!
Somehow I don’t think I’ll be having this problem with this batch. After I had gotten the dinner underway and the Lemon Cake Pudding (in two vintage 1960s/1970s style covered casserole dishes, thank yew very much…) out of the oven, my mother asked me how much milk was left. “Well, I only put a cup and a half in the batter for the apple fritters…” and then I realized I had forgotten to add the milk to the lemon cake pudding…after having gotten everything mixed together and congratulating myself on how well it was going to turn out, because I had beaten the egg whites to a heretofore impossible condition of stiffness and fluffiness with my mother’s new KitchenAid mixer. I now put two and two together…no wonder they came out of the oven much darker than usual-but had not fallen. How did they taste? Well, the egg white seems to have completely separated from the lemon sauce, and the lemon sauce is transparent and bright, clear yellow. And the taste: shockingly sour and sweet, amped-up lemon and sugar. No, not inedible (if you like sourballs and acid drops), but hold on to your tastebuds, it was hardly the intended result!

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