post-Christmas cookie experimentation: less intense lemon moons!

July 3rd, 2013 Laura

I had previously posted about my relatively recent familial variation on Lemon Slice Cookies from the 1964 Betty Crocker cookbook. The formula is very simple in theory but can get complicated in practice: make them into moons with a crescent-moon cookie cutter, and coat them with a simple glaze made with powdered sugar and fresh-squeezed lemon juice. The glaze gives a very different taste to what would otherwise be very plain, shortbread-like cookies without _liquid_ ingredients, but with lemon zest. For this Christmas season, I made a batch that was very “strong”; as much lemon zest as I could get into the cookie batter, and juice straight from the lemon in the glaze. They were intense! Too intense for some. So today I experimented with a less intense variant. I made the dough with about a tablespoon less butter than the recipe called for (because one of the sticks of butter I’d set out to soften hadn’t remained untouched). This (and a perhaps too-generous flouring of the surface on which I’d rolled it out, & having to knead & roll more than once) made the dough more crumbly when baked. Also, I put ‘em in for 7 minutes-midway in the recommended baking times of “from 6 to 8 minutes” in a 350 F oven. They were less “done” than usual. While none of ‘em were burned, I initially feared some might have been underdone. This was a matter of accident/variation. However, the next step was of deliberate intent. Instead of using solely lemon juice when I made the glaze, I used a lot less lemon juice (perhaps a 1:4 ratio) than water. When I applied the glaze and let it dry, the formerly intensely tart cookies now had just a _hint_ of lemon.

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