Chocolate-chip cookie cupcake experiment, take 1

July 3rd, 2013 Laura

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From Brandy Designs:
These turned out to be a better idea in theory than in practice. I dutifully followed the steps, and made the dough, only to discover at the end, that I had neglected to put the frozen filling in the middle of the cupcakes. Before or after I baked ‘em? How much filling was I supposed to have set aside for this purpose and how long was I supposed to have frozen it? Apparently, I was also supposed to have added chocolate chips to the cupcake batter, frozen center, or both. Either I somehow missed it, or the recipe could have been better organized. Though it had said that it makes 24 cupcakes, the amount of dough I got seemed to promise more than that. I heaped high the cupcake cups and waited. They seemed to rise well enough in the oven, but exposed to a cool (relatively) nearly-summer night, their domed tops quickly fell upon removal from the oven, and, I was soon to discover, the sides shrank as they cooled in the muffin tins. I had been told by a Wilton Method cake decorating instructor that if you let cupcakes cool in the pans that caused them to shrink. I had _not_ found that true with the vast majority of cupcake recipes I made, but then the vast majority of cupcake recipes I have made were cupcakes intended as such, not cupcakes trying to be cookies.
When I tried to remove them from the pans, the dough turned out to be inordinately delicate. The tops which had overrun their brims and baked to the pans soon crumbled away when I tried to dislodge the bases, which also seemed to crumble with inordinate ease. Could I have forgotten an ingredient?
I took the suggestion to make the frosting while the cupcakes were baking. An eggless version of the chocolate chip cookie dough, it felt gritty, and might not have combined as well as it should have. “I taste salt”, my sister said upon sampling it. My cupcake frosting was more fortunate. The cupcakes themselves tasted OK, (perhaps they would have been better had they had chips throughout, but I would have found ‘em distracting). Perhaps the cupcakes would benefit from the use of heavier King Arthur white wheat flour, instead of standard white all-purpose flour?

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