Peach pie with speculoos crust-the tasting verdict!

August 5th, 2013 Laura

Alas, when rolled and baked as a pie crust, the dough for what are normally spiced refrigerator cookies doesn’t retain its spicy kick and smooth, hard texture. Due, perhaps, to the unquantifiable amount of flour it absorbs from the rolling and kneading process, it has assumed a much more grainy texture, and while the spices are still apparent, they are muted in influence. The crust was the worst of both worlds: it did not get flaky with increased “working” as conventional pastry crusts do (or are supposed to). Perhaps another attempt will be with a more conventional recipe for pastry with the right spices simply added.
It turns out that it wasn’t overkill to blind-bake the bottom crust to the extent that I did, to ensure that it was cooked on the inside, before putting the peaches in (perhaps I should have even given it more time alone in the oven) as peaches, when baked, tend to exude a lot of liquid. And no, it didn’t help matters that the pie in question came into the world on a humid July night, and is currently sitting on a kitchen counter through a humid July day.
Though I was lucky enough to avoid having baked a pie with raw dough within, the inside (and that pesky top crust, which will likely be replaced with a crumb topping the next time I try to bake such a pie) has gotten very soggy and so there are some small masses of dissolved dough when you cut the pie.

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