Black frosting experiment, take 1

August 5th, 2013 Laura

Recently, my sister got a whim to produce black frosting. She loves everything chocolate, and as she has grown to adulthood and developed more sophisticated tastes, dark chocolate has become her chocolate of choice. To that end, she ordered a container of Black Onyx Cocoa powder. She already requested one recipe, Triple Chocolate Oatmeal cookies, which came out deliciously with the new darker-than-standard cocoa powder. (It also must be the secret behind Milk & Cookies‘ dark chocolate cupcakes).
Having seen accounts and instructions for making black frosting/icing which involved artificial food coloring which conferred a tart or bitter flavor upon the icing they were in, she sought a natural way to achieve a sufficiently black color with which to ice Disney mouse ears, black Halloween cats, and more. Admittedly, this is a difficult assignment, but in the spirit of experimentation, I tried the first of what are three planned black frosting experiments: a cocoa-based chocolate frosting recipe with reduced blackberry puree in lieu of water. The experiment was a partial success: it is probably not pipe-able (but this is frosting not icing, I put in perhaps a little much concentrated blackberry puree and perhaps too little coca powder/powdered sugar). In Michelle’s view, it came out edible but not optimal. It was a success in the sense that it was quite dark in color (a dark brown-black just a shade under true black) and it tasted chocolate-y with just a little trace of blackberry. A great improvement over the artificial taste of using artificial colors. So, now I just have to experiment with proportions. the following is the recipe we used:
Creamy Cocoa icing
2 and two-thirds cups sifted confectioners’ sugar
one-third cup cocoa (I used the Black Onyx dark chocolate Cocoa)
one-third cup soft butter
3 to 4 tbsp. milk (I used the blackberry puree, previously strained for seeds-thanks, mom- and reduced in a small sauce pan on a burner on the stove)
Sift sugar & cocoa together. Add butter and milk. Stir until well-blended. Makes frosting for two 8″ or 9″ layers or 13 x 9″ oblong. I used to to frost a dozen chocolate muffins, serving in the office of cupcakes.

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